Best high heels for your New Year party and our tips to keep you comfy until midnight
29th December 2018

From rolling deodorant on your feet to taping up your toes, Siobhan O'Connor put them all to the test.

Sticky tape

  • Clear tape, £1.49 from Ryman — buy now
  • Heels, £15 (was £39) from Topshop — buy now

The idea is to tape your third and fourth toes together. This sounds bonkers and I was sceptical – but it actually works, and there’s a reason why.

There’s a nerve that splits between these two toes and causes pain when pressure is put upon it – therefore taping these toes eases the strain on the nerve.

The budget trick saw me pain-free during a whole day in the office and my journey home – probably because my tightly wrapped toes cut off the circulation and made my feet numb.

But at least you’ll last the whole night and more . . . although peeling off the tape might be tricky.

Cushion insoles

  • Scholl’s Gel Active high heel insoles, £9.99 from Superdrug — buy now
  • Heels, £54 from Dune — buy now

The extra padding from these gel insoles put a spring in my step.

They take away the pressure that towering heels put on the balls of your feet – allowing you to bounce, hop and skip with ease.

I thought the smooth inserts might make me slip, but the arch-support provided grip. Definitely stock up before New Year’s Eve and you’ll be dancing the night away.


  • Roll-on deodorant, £1.50 from Tesco — buy now
  • Heels, £40 from River Island — buy now

Rolling it on pressure points on your feet is supposed to act as a barrier and protect them from friction.

But it was more of a health hazard when I tried it – my feet were slipping around so much, I felt a bit like Bambi on ice.

On the plus side, it does tackle any cheesy feet issues . . .

Dry shampoo

  • Batiste dry shampoo, £1.50 from Superdrug — buy now
  • Heels, £69 from — buy now

Spraying it on the soles of your feet is meant to stop them slipping around inside your shoes.

And my feet did indeed sit safely in my sky-high heels – but they also became quite sticky.

Hours of dancing would lead to feeling like you’re walking on paste.

And the white spray is not the best idea if you have fake-tanned either.

Blister plaster

  • Compeed blister plasters, £3.39 from Superdrug — buy now
  • Fabric plasters, £2.49 from Superdrug — buy now
  • Heels, £75 from — buy now

If you are on the brink of blisters, buy a basket load of Compeed blister plasters to put on your heels and fabric plasters to stick everywhere else that your shoes are rubbing.

They will prevent further damage, and also protect sores that are already blossoming.

Keep a handful of plasters stashed in your handbag in case of emergencies, too.

But try to keep your shoes on for the duration of your night, as taking them on and off will make these layers of protection come off – or keep plenty of spares handy to reapply.

Socks and Hairdryer

  • Socks, £12.99 from — buy now
  • Heels, £34.50 from — buy now

This is all about speeding up the breaking-in period, because heat will help your shoes stretch.

After a while, the hairdryer will indeed help tight-fitting shoes to loosen, but it also leads to sweaty feet.

Instead of racking up the electricity bill, just wear the chunky socks with the shoes around the house for a few days and save the dryer for your hair.

Heel shields

  • Heel shields, £4.79 from Superdrug  — buy now
  • Heels, £69 from  —  buy now

Courts are a great go-to for all occasions and are less harsh on your feet than heels, but they can still cause agony for the backs of your heels.

Lining them with sticky insoles can provide relief, though they did push my feet forward, forcing my big toe into the tip of the shoe.

This was fine for a short while, but did get uncomfortable as time ticked on.

They also made my heels fit a bit too snug, so I’d recommend going up a shoe size if you’re planning to double up on different insoles.

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