Bernie Sanders Rewearing His Viral Meme Jacket May Have Caused It to Sell Out
20th January 2021

Bernie Sander's Coat Sells Out

On January 20, 2021, Bernie Sanders sat and watched Joe Biden accept the presidency he himself had fought fiercely for through an independently funded campaign, which inspired the meme of the year — all the while quietly becoming a meme again. 

A still from Sanders's late-2019 crowdfunding video, subtitled "I am once again asking for your financial support," was easy fodder for appropriation by internet types, and that exact image of the candidate was soon immortalized. In it, Sanders was at his most Sanders-y: a flash of white hair, his everyday glasses, and a utilitarian taupe-beige parka coat from the outdoorsy brand Burton, which is based in his home state of Vermont.

Today, the internet was thrilled to see Sanders wearing that very same coat once again, on an occasion for which the vast majority of other VIP attendees wore bespoke, designer pieces. Senator Sanders showing up in a pragmatic, weather-appropriate coat he's worn many times before — plus his much talked-about mittens, homemade and gifted to him by local school teacher Jen Ellis — is as classically Bernie as it gets.

His kept-to-himself pose featuring the wardrobe staples was instantly irresistible to Twitter and Instagram, who did what they do best and memed the moment:

But what's more noteworthy is that Sanders's exact Burton coat appears to have sold out nearly everywhere online, practically in an instant. The Burton GORE-TEX Edgecomb Down 3-in-1 Jacket is no longer in stock on the brand's site nor at outdoor gear shops like REI.

Miraculously, though, we've scouted a small stock that's still available on Amazon, though admittedly not in Sanders's signature taupe. Currently, you can shop the parka coat in a jolly orange shade called Hot Sauce for $298 to $525, depending on the size selected.

We may joke about Sanders's eligibility as a fashion icon (although his sustainability efforts are second to none), but we have to admit that even bonafide mega-style stars are known to wear Burton. Angelina Jolie, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, and Emma Roberts have all worn Burton, most on multiple occasions. It seems even they can appreciate a solid outerwear brand that's not too expensive.

Even though Sanders's particular parka is in short stock, Amazon thankfully carries a massive supply of other, even more affordable options from Burton (including one that's practically identical to Bernie's).

Shop the best Burton outerwear before even more Bernie memes cause them to sell out below.

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