Beautician shares horrific photos of fake lashes so badly applied they RIPPED OFF woman’s real lashes leaving her bald
11th June 2021

A BEAUTICIAN revealed the horrific results of what can happen if you go to a cheap clinic.

She shared a video of a woman who nearly lost her own lashes as a result – leaving Instagram users stunned.

Alyssia Hubbard, 31, lives in Los Angeles, US, with her husband Karin, 32, and their daughter Brooklyn, six.

A specialist in all things beauty, the owner of Luxe Lash regularly shares photos of her work on TikTokand Instagram, where she has nearly 40,000 followers in total.

One of Alyssia's most recent videos however has left social media users terrified – as she revealed the dangers of getting your lashes done on the cheap or by someone who isn't trained.

In the shocking clip, the beauty expert reveals a badly-applied set of lashes that a client had gotten elsewhere – and which had nearly ripped off her natural lashes due to the fake and real pair fusing together.

Beyond the potential loss of her lashes, the woman was also in pain – with her eyes bloodshot from the strain.

Taking to Instagram to share the transformation, Alyssia captioned the clip: “Lash Emergency Gone Terribly Wrong.”

“My client was out of town and needed her lashes done, so went for an emergency appointment at a place she’d never used before," she told Jam Press.

“Unfortunately, it became a much larger ordeal because they did a completely incorrect application and ended up causing her pain.

“All the lashes had been glued together and were pulling on her natural ones and eyelids.

“To fix the lashes in place they’d taken the backing adhesive strip off the lashes, cut it into a couple pieces and combined it with regular lash extension adhesive.

“The technician had glued the backing strip of lashes under and on top of the lash line, so all her natural lashes got soiled and glued together.”

Alyssia revealed the technician had broken the first rule of lash application – not cleaning the natural lashes first, which can be dangerous.

She said: “I couldn’t believe it when she showed me the state of them.

"I was so concerned she was in pain and if she’d experienced any itching or burning.

"Individual lashes should be performed on clean lashes after being primed and applied one by one, and hers were soiled as her previous application hadn’t been removed properly.

“Plus, the adhesive backing is not meant for the lash line at all. It’s meant to keep the lashes you’re fanning with on the strip, so they can be stored in and out of the case."

The client had to wait an agonising 25 minutes, while Alyssia carefully and painstakingly picked off the wrongly-applied lashes with tweezers.

Unfortunately, some damage was unavoidable as the woman had "breaks and gaps" as a result of the previously faulty procedure.

Alyssia said: “After I was able to remove them all, I assessed the lash line to see what damage they’d done.

“There were loads of breaks and gaps but luckily she had lots of strong and healthy lashes, so I cleansed and removed any remaining product before priming and applying a fresh set.”

Social media users have been stunned by the transformation – and are clearly taking the warning of avoiding cheap beauty work to heart.

“You are a miracle worker!!," wrote one person.

“Omg!! Wow! Terrible! Thank goodness for you savior! Lol,” added someone else. [sic]

"AMAZING FREAKING TRANSFORMATION!! Wow!! It gave me so much satisfaction and I’m glad the client is ok,” wrote a third person.

“Omggg amazing work,” added someone else.

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