Beautician left horrified as woman using sunbed pees in the bin – and it’s not the first time it’s happened
21st April 2021

AS SALONS reopen, beauty fans will no doubt be rushing to spruce up the nails and topping up that golden glow with a spray tan or two.

But, one beautician was left horrified when a customer left her nasty surprise, after using a sunbed for a tanning session.

The Tanning Shop Lakeside shared a video to TikTok of one of its staff heading into a room to clean a sunbed that had just been used – only to find that the customer who had used it had also urinated in the waste paper bin.

And apparently it's not unusual either for that to happen either, with the account captioning its video: "Daily occurrence in our tanning shop."

Naming the culprit customer Karen, a beautician reveals in the clip: "Karen comes for a sunbed and leaves with no issues.

"I go to clean the bed Karen just used… I grab the rubbish to empty the bin MY WHOLE HAND GOES INTO KAREN's URINE."

They urged: "Don't be like Karen, just asked to use our toilet."

People were left completely shocked by the gross revelation and one person asked: "What the hell does this actually happen?"

"Unfortunately yes," The Tanning Shop account replied, with another person revealing the same grim discovery had happened to them.

"Why do people do this????! They used to wee in the bins in my sunbed shop??? Why," they wrote.

A third said: "This happened at my local tanning shop too. People have no shame."

"My son's girlfriend worked in a sunbeds [shops] and this is so common! I couldn't believe it when she told me," added a fourth.

In disbelief, another person commented: "No!!! No!!! No!!! People can't actually do this!!!! Why!!!"

We'll never be able to look at a sunbed in the same way.

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