Argos is selling a hot AND cold duvet so say so long to bedtime rows
31st January 2020

ALONG with emptying out the bin and deciding who does the washing up, one of the most common argument couples who live together have is about the temperature of their home.

Generally speaking, us girls are almost always too cold while men are constantly overheating – and that stark difference is at its worst when you're getting tucked up in bed.

  • Silent Night Yours and Mine Double Duvet, £30 from Argos – buy now

That said, you can now buy hot AND cold duvets for just £30 from Argos.

And it might just put this argument to bed once and for all. Pun completely intended.

In the past, you could get £50 duvets with a heated and cooler side.

But this purse-friendly option by Silentnight has different togs on either half of the duvet.

So the "warmer" side is a thicker 13.5 tog whereas the "cooler" side has 10.5.

What's more, the duvet is made of soft microfibre which means you don't have to compromise on comfort either. Winning.

Unsurprisingly, the genius design has already proved a hit with couples.

Giving the £30 buy a five-star review, one customer wrote: "This product was just what we had been looking for. No more sleepless nights!"

Another raved: "An awesome duvet, me and my partner have been struggling with him being too hot and me being too cold all the time with a normal duvet – this one was a perfect solution."

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