Air fryer whizz shares her favourite new snack – it takes five minutes and is hard to resist | The Sun
26th February 2023

WE’RE all aware of the endless snack opportunities that air fryers present.

People have even air fried eggs to get the perfect gooey centre.

But one whizz has found a way to make a well-loved sweet treat even more irresistible.

She puts marshmallows in their air fryer for five minutes and people think it’s genius.

At a 400 degree temperature, the sweets come out looking like a bread bun.

Once broken into, the inside is gooey and stringy. 

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The air fryer whizz, who posts under @fnscare17, penned in the caption: “Marshmallows in the air fryer are my new favourite snack!”

It’s also a great way to use up your marshmallows if the bag has been open a while and they’re going a bit hard.

She explained: “The bag was open a while so they weren’t as soft and they’re the big marshmallows. 

“It’s a Ninja air fryer. 

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“Just popped them in at 400 degrees.”

People flocked to the comments to weigh in on the snack.

One woman penned: “No why did you show me this! 

“Now I have to go get marshmallows at 9pm at night and try this!”

A second quipped: “I could have gone without seeing this.”

However, some air fryer owners had questions. 

One mum asked: “So they don’t fly around and make a sticky mess all over the inside?”

Another person echoed: “How did it not melt onto the fryer first?”

According to the original poster, the marshmallows flew to the back of the tray when first put in. 

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They didn’t turn the tray sticky because a crust formed on the outside before they melted on the inside.

Those concerned about mess can use parchment paper inside the air fryer.

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