Addicted to surgery? Gone too far? This week's Fabulous cover star Lauren Goodger answers her critics and talks Botox, butt lifts and botched treatments
6th December 2018

But is that how Lauren Goodger sees herself? The answer might surprise you.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous magazine, Lauren opens up about the procedures she's had, the reasons she felt the need to resort to surgery and why she thinks the press and the public have got her all wrong.

There's loads more besides as we investigate why vulnerable new mums are being targeted on maternity wards, we get up close and personal with the hot to (fox)trot Strictly boys and one woman reveals how being a child beauty queen wrecked her life.

Plus, we also have all the lust-have lingerie sets, starting at just £5.99, and tell you how to have the most zen Christmas ever. Honest!

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