82-year-old Queen Margrethe wears ‘jolly’ coat made from tablecloth
4th January 2023

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Queen Margrethe of Denmark may be 82 years old but she is absolutely no stranger to a colourful garment or two. One of her most fabulous pieces is a multicoloured floral raincoat, with an equally fabulous backstory.

Margrethe is like our own late Queen, who favoured bold colours over subtle shades in order to be seen far and wide by adoring royal fans.

Queen Margrethe of Denmark is equally unmissable in her bright ensembles, which sport all the colours of the rainbow, from hot pink to canary yellow.

Her multicoloured floral raincoat combines an array of colours and patterns, creating a show stopping piece.

It is an ankle-length flared coat covered from head to toe in different sized and coloured flowers.

It is belted at the waist revealing the Queen’s slim physique. The coat boasts two deep canary yellow pockets, canary yellow lapels and panels over the shoulders in the same colour.

Fabulously, Margrethe pairs her technicolour coat with a Paddington Bear-esque canary yellow hat which fastens by a toggle under the chin.

On July 16, 2017, the monarch attended the Ringsted horse ceremony at Grasten Slot during her family’s summer vacation.

She beamed alongside Crown Princess Mary, Crown Prince Frederik and her grandchildren, Isabella, Vincent and Josephine, all wearing shades of grey, navy and beige.

Under the coat she appeared to wear an off-white turtleneck jumper and a navy blazer.

So how did Queen Margrethe come to acquire this exceptional raincoat?

The royals have access to some of the most expensive, lavish, sought-after clothing in the world by only the best designers.

However, this trendy monarch designed this coat herself, having acquired the fabric in London in 1995.

The signature piece – reportedly dubbed the “happy” raincoat – was fashioned out of a tablecloth material.

With the help of Danish fashion designer Jørgen Bender, the statement piece was born.

Royal fans adore Margrethe’s happy, vibrant raincoat and have taken to Instagram to compliment the royal’s taste.

@richmondharmeling stated: “The artist in her really comes out with her colourful clothing choices!”

@c.rodney.g seconded this: “I love the beautiful colours that she wears!!”

@kim.lea.adam marvellously described it as “the jolliest coat in all the land”.

@hebrew1964 commented: “That raincoat is simply incredible.”

@pedersen_rie1 called it “an artistic raincoat that dresses our wonderful Queen.”

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