YouTuber Logan Paul proves that Chloe Bennett was right to dump him
7th December 2018

It’s safe to say that actress Chloe Bennett isn’t missing much after splitting with YouTube provocateur Logan Paul.

Paul, 23, and “The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” star confirmed their split in October just a few months after the actress defended her relationship with the controversial mega-vlogger to fans.

Paul — who praised Bennett for standing by him despite his near career-killing “suicide forest” exploit — decided the best way to get over the breakup was to give a replica of his penis to an adult-film performer.

On Wednesday, Paul had porn superstar Riley Reid on his YouTube show “Impaulsive,” when he turned the NSFW conversation toward his favorite subject: himself.

“Do you know there’s this thing called Clone-A-Willy?” Paul asked Reid.

“Well, so, I bought one when I got out of my last relationship [with Bennet]. The idea was to clone my willy and then throw it over her fence and have it land in her yard so she would permanently remember what she was missing out on.”

“It’s devious, like, it’s deep, it’s really deep,” Paul boasted.

“The point is, I did it and I have it sitting to my left,” Logan said as Reid audibly gasped.

“I have my cloned willy, except I feel like I did something wrong,” Paul said as he handed Reid what appeared to be a hunk of melted plastic that in no way resembled a penis.

“This doesn’t look like my d–k,” Paul continued, handing the plastic mass to Reid.

Leaning into the gag, Reid playfully replied, “Well it’s quite large, it’s got some girth to it.”

“That is your gift, I want you to have it,” Paul concluded.

“Oh my gosh,” Reid exclaimed.

Paul’s latest antics are tame by his own standards.

The YouTube celebrity created an uproar when he posted a video from a forest in Japan known for suicides. In the video, Paul joked around while a body was hanging from a tree in the background.

In the aftermath of the suicide forest video, YouTube punished Paul and a scripted series he was set to star in was canned.

However, just two months after the initial video, Paul was back on YouTube where he produced a scripted called “The Thinning” and put on a high-profile celebrity boxing match against fellow YouTube KSI.

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