William Shatner Doesn't Really Understand The #MeToo Movement
24th December 2018

This really isn’t the time in life to criticize anything that has to do with sexual harassment because the pervs are being roasted like chestnuts over an open fire. And speaking of nuts, guess who’s come back to dribble words of crazy from his lips? William Shatner! And he’s bringing us a real doozy this time and it all began with a few tweets about a classic Christmas song.

Recently, William sat down with DailyMailTV to discuss his brand new Christmas album Shatner Claus (the fuck?) featuring a bunch of classic holiday songs EXCEPT Baby It’s Cold Outside. Last week, William caught a bunch of hands on Twitter while trying to defend the lyrics in the song, which is when he mentioned the #MeToo movement to make his point. Please brace yourselves for a delicious slice of Mansplaining Pie followed by a shot of Bitch Please.

You’re not saying I’m closing the door and you can’t leave. It’s not force, it’s verbal persuasion, which works in the act,’ Shatner said.

William you don’t see the problem because you’re an old, rich man. Hence, the movement is targeting all the other old rich men who feel the same way that you do. And was it just me but did you also kind of hear William’s words in an old-timey voice where each sentence begins with “Listen here sonny.” Oh, but he didn’t stop there.

So, of course, after reading his comments, William’s Twitter opponents put on their boxing gloves and began swinging at him ferociously. But remember, William is a classically trained asshole. So he bobbed and weaved his way through each battle with finesse.

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