Why Tamar Braxton’s divorce is taking so long
6th March 2019

There’s good reason why Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert’s divorce is taking so long to finalize.

The R&B singer discussed the details of her ongoing divorce with Wendy Williams on Monday.

“It’s the paperwork, Linda!” Braxton dramatically said. “And it’s LA. And when you have a lot of things together and LA, just period, takes forever. We haven’t been living together for two years now.”

Braxton, who will be 42 later this month and Herbert, 46, called off their marriage in October 2017 after nearly nine years together. They share custody of their 5-year-old son, Logan.

Since splitting from her mega-producer husband, things have changed for Braxton – not just romantically, but also financially. She told Williams that she no longer spends large amounts of cash on clothes and that she’s developed a new relationship with money.

Braxton recently won the latest season of “Celebrity Big Brother” and was awarded a $250,000 check. Not only will she star in more seasons on her family’s We TV series, “Braxton Family Values,” she’ll soon have her own show on the network.

It’s unclear if her new boyfriend, who works in finance will make any appearances as she says he enjoys his anonymity, but Herbert will be around.

“Vince will make certain appearances,” Braxton explained. “Because he is in my life. Vince and I are not enemies. We co-parent really, really well … We’re not enemies. So it’s not a lot of fighting going on.”

Looking forward to the year ahead and dodging drama, Braxton added, “I’m about my business nowadays. In 2019, you have to grow up at some point.”

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