Who will be Time Mag’s Person of the Year: Christine Ford, Duchess Meg?
10th December 2018

Time Magazine will announce their Person of the Year tomorrow, but they decided to hype it by releasing their “shortlist” on the Today Show this morning. I actually had to go and look up last year’s POTY: “The Silence Breakers,” with Taylor Swift on the cover, all about the Me Too movement. In 2016, Donald Trump was the POTY. Will he be the POTY in 2018? Here’s the 2018 shortlist:

— Michael Calderone (@mlcalderone) December 10, 2018

YAS MEGHAN MARKLE AND RYAN COOGLER. I mean, I seriously doubt Coogler or Duchess Meg will be named the ultimate POTY, but I love that they both made the shortlist. I think that means they’ll both get some nice write-ups in the magazine too. As for who *should* get the title… Christine Blasey Ford felt like a cultural earthquake. Robert Mueller knows all, but I’m hoping he has much more to do in 2019. Jamal Khashoggi’s murder will have repercussions on the press and international diplomacy for years to come. I honestly don’t know who will get it.

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