Wheeler Dealers star in warning to classic car owners after damaging Porsche
13th September 2023

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Wheeler Dealers host Mike Brewer has issued a crucial warning to classic car owners after admitting he made a major mistake.

The TV star revealed his own historic Porsche 911 was damaged after incorrectly storing the model over the winter.

The 59-year-old told followers on X, formerly Twitter, that the vehicle had been stored in a tent last winter.

However, this froze over as temperatures dropped which caused ice to blister the Porche’s bodywork.

He spun the camera around to show a pair of mechanics working hard to mend the damage in Brewer’s own One Automotive garage in Warwickshire.

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He said: “I’m actually having a little bit of work done to the old hotrod behind me. My lovely Porsche 911.

“I’ve got the guys from Car Gods to come down because I’ve got a few issues with the paintwork on the car. I put it in like a tent.

“When I created this business during the winter we emptied the cars out and I put that car in a tent. This is a little warning to you, it was a brand new tent. When I put it in it froze up. It was like minus nine and it froze up.

“Obviously the material and the chemicals they use in the tent fabric when it defrosted, it defrosted onto the car. So it’s all rained inside the tent onto the car and it’s blistered the paintwork.”

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Brewer revealed the work was likely to make the car look “worse before it gets better” as he lifted the lid on the repair work.

He said the plan was to cut into the paintwork but admitted he was “hopeful” the shiny red paint scheme would be restored.

CarGods mechanic Tom then admitted to the camera he was using their own store-bought items to restore the model.

He explained: “This is the medium-cut polish. It’s got some fine swirls and scratches on it so we are just lifting them out with that. And we have got the matching medium cut pad.”

Brewer then told mechanics that he wanted the Porsche to look as “best as it can do” after the repair work.

Afterwards, the Wheeler Dealers host revealed to followers that he intended to take the beautiful machine to a couple of car shows before the end of the year.

CarGods admitted Brewer’s car had a “few small marks” but were confident they could “make it look incredibly glossy”.

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