What Happens If Joe Biden & Donald Trump Have Electoral College Tie at 269 Each?
5th November 2020

There’s a slim chance in every Presidential election that the electoral college results in a 269 to 269 tie.

The nominee needs 270 votes to officially win the presidency, and it looks like there is a scenario where Donald Trump and Joe Biden could produce a tie. If Joe Biden ends up winning Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin, but Trump wins every other state that he won in 2016, this scenario could play out.

If this happens, the House of Representatives breaks the tie by getting together and voting. Specifically, each member of the House comes together as an individual unit with other members of their state to form a delegation. Each delegation gets one vote. 26 votes are needed to win the Presidency in this scenario. Right now, the House of Representatives skews Republican, so pundits believe this would likely result in another four years of Donald Trump as President.

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