‘Very touchy-feely!’ Loose Women’s Kaye Adams says she and Jane Moore ‘work with luvvies’
20th May 2022

Kaye Adams shows off a 'crotch to crotch' with Nadia Sawalha

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Kaye Adams, 59, first joined Loose Women in 1999, briefly departing in 2006, and rejoining in 2013. The presenter has spoken in her podcast about the work dynamic between the panellists on the show, revealing that she and her colleague Jane Moore work with women who are “luvvies”, something they are not really into.

We do work with luvvies don’t we?

Kaye Adams

As she approaches 60, Kaye released a new podcast in which she invites guests to offer her help and advice before she reaches the milestone age.

In the latest episode, Kaye invited her colleague Jane on the show, as well as journalist Karen MacKenzie.

Karen asked Kaye and Jane how they feel being around people who are quite affectionate.

Kaye replied: “It’s a bit about being Scottish. But Funnily enough having worked in England for a long time and with people like Jane, you know, luvvies.

“Jane’s not very luvvy actually, but you know what I mean, Jane.

“We do work with luvvies don’t we? Who are much more touchy-feely.”

Kaye then gave examples of those she works with who are more affectionate than she is used to, including their fellow Loose Women panelist Nadia Sawalha.

She continued: “Yeah, Nadia’s very touchy feely. So I have learned to be more touchy feely in that kind of professional sense. And I actually really like it.”

The presenter then explained how she feels like she has two personalities due to her upper-lip Scottish background.

Kaye remarked: “I’ve got to be kind of two people because working in Scotland people don’t tend to like it.

“We’re much more reserved, so I’m probably a different person when I’m in London from the one when I’m in Scotland.”

Loose Women is famous for its open discussions and differentiating opinions on the show, often even clashing with each other.

This happened on Wednesday when Coleen Nolan was left shocked by Kaye as she made a remark about her weight.

The panel were discussing Victoria Beckham’s comments when she was interviewed by Grazia magazine about her body.

Victoria insisted that being very thin is an “old-fashioned attitude”, even raising the notion that modern women want to “look healthy and curvy”.

During the conversation, Kaye turned to Coleen, remarking: “So where are you at then? Because you go up and down…”

A shocked Coleen gasped and replied: “Alright Kaye!”

Coleen then laughed off the comment, as she explained: “Every season is like a different me. I’ve done everything.

“And I always ended up being back to where I was at the beginning.

“Since it’s been about health, I’ve dropped a lot of weight.

“I don’t ever count calories, it’s not a diet, it’s about health.”

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