‘Very lucky!’ Rod Stewart credits ‘the old nose’ as reason he’s bedded many stunning women
17th May 2022

The Royal Variety: Rod Stewart performs on stage

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Rocker Sir Rod Stewart, who was notorious for his sexploits while in his heyday, claims he’s had so many partners he’s lost count. In fact, he’s even admitted in the past that the continuous stream of models coming in and out of his bedroom ended up making sex “boring”.

I am sort of embarrassed about what I did and sort of proud

Rod Stewart

The star has now revealed the secret behind his success with the ladies.

According to Rod, his partners over the years might not have answered yes to “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” – the question that he made famous in his song of the same name – if it hadn’t been for his nose.

“I have been very lucky, because I don’t really think I am that attractive, but I must have something about me,” he reasoned.

The Forever Young singer added: “Maybe it is the old nose,” he told the Daily Star.

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Rod’s memory of past sexual adventures is now a little hazy, to the point that he couldn’t even remember an audacious claim written in his autobiography about sneaking off to the toilets at a restaurant for sex.

When quizzed by US TV host Bill Maher on his Real Time show, he fired back: “You are exaggerating. I don’t think I ever did that!”

Then, Bill reminded him that the whole sordid story was in his 2013 autobiography.

However, Sir Rod now confesses to being embarrassed by his bed-hopping past, citing himself as “immature” and saying he regretted cheating on his model girlfriend Kelly Emberg for a secret fling with actress Kelly Le Brock back in the 1980s.

Both women are now 62, while Sir Rod is 77 and enjoying a committed marriage with Penny Lancaster.

He also told of his embarrassment that he’d had sex between courses in the toilets at LA restaurant Dome.

“I am sort of embarrassed about what I did and sort of proud. It was a totally different era,” he confided.

He also admitted that having so many casual partners left him feeling “lonely” at times.

Revealing a surprisingly sensitive side, the rocker told Bill that his 1971 song ‘Maggie May’ was about feeling betrayed and used by the girl to whom he had lost his virginity.

He explained to Bill that the lyrics were full to the brim with “bitterness and nasty f*****g stuff”.

He had spoken in more detail about Maggie May on an episode of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, when he admitted the woman the song was about was memorable for having “taught him a few tricks” when she was 33, and he was just 16 or 17.

However, there were limits to Rod’s womanising even at the peak of his prime.

When he was told that Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones had bedded at least 2,000 women, he exclaimed that it couldn’t be true.

“Get out of here!” he exclaimed. “You can’t bed two or three women a week, can you?”

He added that he preferred “romance” to one-night stands.

Now he has finally settled down with former model and TV presenter Penny Lancaster, who captured Rod’s heart years ago and hasn’t lost her grip.

The pair married in 2007 and she gave birth to two of his eight children.

Rod explained that he “longed” for a relationship that was much deeper than the sexual and the superficial – and that, with Penny, he found it.

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