Ulrika Jonsson slams ‘arrogant’ Catherine Tyldesley after ‘cakegate’ controversy
5th August 2023

Catherine Tyldesley addresses and debunks ‘cake gate’ scandal

Ulrika Jonsson has hit out at Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley after it was revealed she allegedly wanted local bakery owner Rebecca Severs to make her 100 cakes for her birthday in exchange for social media and magazine exposure rather than cash.

The ITV actress has since hit back at the founder of Three Little Birds Bakery, explaining her side of the story, but former Gladiators host Ulrika remained unconvinced.

Expressing her admiration for Rebecca, Ulrika said she had “a good point” that her staff at the bakery couldn’t “feed their kids with exposure on Instagram”.

“The planners were acting on behalf of former Corrie actress Catherine Tyldesley, whose response to the public revelation, on the other hand, was pretty appalling,” Ulrika penned in her new column for the Sun.

“It gave a clear insight into the arrogance of some ’slebs when her extremely derogatory response was: ‘I hope the cake lady got the exposure she was craving.’

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“I beg your puddin’, Catherine? I don’t think she was the one craving attention,” Ulrika wrote incredulously.

The scandal began when Rebecca shared a Facebook post this week with a screenshot of an email exchange between her bakery and the PR company which represented an unidentified “well-known” celebrity asking for a cake for a 40th birthday party in September.

She wrote: “This poor celebrity apparently can’t afford to pay people for their products and services. Spare a thought! What happened to women supporting women.”

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Catherine later hit back at the woman’s post on her social media with a video and expressed: “Cake gate! WHAT!

“So I had no idea those emails were being sent. I’m not working with the lovely OK! magazine on anything that I’m aware of and NVRLND are an amazing company.

“They’ve supplied me with performers in the past they’re insane and they’ve been completely misrepresented in this matter.


“Utterly bizarre, don’t really know what to say. I mean I hope the cake lady got the exposure she was craving.”

However, Ulrika argued that celebrities expecting to receive things in exchange for publicity is a “self-serving” trend.

“It’s cheeky, cocky and often with an utter disrespect for the businesses trying to stay afloat,” she argued.

“I’ve always believed that if I can afford it, I should pay for it,” she insisted. “Maybe that’s my work ethic or stupidity and ignorance. But being on the ask would make me feel awkward.”

Express.co.uk has contacted Catherine Tyldesley’s representatives for comment.

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