Twitter Is Convinced This Is Not Melania Trump, Prompting Body Double Speculation
25th October 2020

#FakeMelania is trending on Twitter and it’s all because of this set of photos of First Lady Melania Trump with the President.

The photos depict the First Lady and the President getting ready to board Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House on Thursday (October 22) ahead of the final presidential debate.

Well, some people believe that this isn’t actually Melania Trump! We have no proof, but Twitter is going wild accusing the President of using a stand-in as the First Lady.

Tweets include, “This is quite amazing. The Melania in the helicopter is not Melania. She’s a stunt double. How weird is that? Very weird!” Another Twitter user pointed out that Melania has never smiled that wide, writing, “Good luck finding any photos of Melania smiling like that.”

Another wrote, “Nose, cheek bone, jaw line, lips, chin… Melania’s doppleganger is younger, less botoxed and WAAAAAAAAY to happy to be hanging with Trump.”

We’ve included the photos that fans believe could be a body double of Melania Trump in this post.

Click through the gallery and let us know if you think this is Melania Trump or not…

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