Tristan Thompson Flips Off Hecklers Calling Him A ‘Bum’ During Cavs Game — Watch
5th December 2018

Tristan Thompson just SNAPPED. The NBA star lost his cool and flipped off some fans in the stands during a Dec. 3 game. Watch a video of the moment here!

Tristan Thompson, 27, has had it with overly vocal hecklers at his games. The Cleveland Cavaliers star celebrated a big win with his team on Dec. 3, but only after a group of fans in the stands nearly sent him over the edge. After the fans of the opposing team, The Nets, shouted out a slew of not-so-nice comments at the athlete, Tristan lost it. He flipped the bird to the group of fans, and it was all caught on video! The attendees were clearly shocked that they got a rise of of Tristan, and lost their minds at his reaction. Watch the wild moment below.

This isn’t the only time that we’ve seen Tristan get heckled recently. It was just this past Nov. 23 that we saw the athlete get boo’d at, by none other than Kendall Jenner! That night, Kendall savagely threw some shade at her sister, Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend, and a fan caught the moment on camera! However, it was probably all in good fun – the model was laughing the whole way through, and of course, showed up to support him in the first place. Plus, seeing as her her on-again, off-again boyfriend Ben Simmons was playing on the opposite team that night, we can’t blame her!

Of course, Tristan’s career as a superstar athlete has him traveling a lot, and requires him to be based in Cleveland, but as the yuletide season approaches, his lady is really hoping for a Los Angeles Christmas. “Khloé wants True to have her first Christmas with all her cousins, that’s important to her,” a source EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. “The most important thing to her is that she and Tristan be together for Christmas,” the insider added. However, with Tristan’s non-stop schedule, it could be tough. Going to LA for the holiday is going to be very tight due to his game schedule. He has Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off so Khloé’s very hopeful that they’ll all be in LA together for those days celebrating as a family with her family.” Here’s to hoping the happy family figures it all out this holiday season!

Watch Tristan flip the bird to some hecklers in the video above! The basketball star might have received some shade that night, but hey, at least he left the courts with a win.

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