Travis Scott Holed Up at Home, Giving Victims' Families Room to Grieve
12th November 2021

Travis Scott has locked himself away in his Houston home, still devastated by the events that took place one week ago … according to his attorney.

Ed McPherson joined “TMZ Live” Friday to talk about Travis and what happened at Astroworld. While McPherson says there’s still a lot of work to be done in terms of the investigation, he remains adamant Travis had no clue as to the dire circumstances — 8 people dead — continued to perform.

McPherson tells us Travis is devastated, especially because the tragedy happened in his hometown of Houston, and he has not left his home there since.

Travis was supposed to perform in Vegas this weekend — a show he’s since canceled — and a petition is growing online to stop his headline event at Coachella next Spring.

Ed says performing is the last thing on Travis’ mind right now. He wants to give the families of the victims time to grieve, and has set up an email account through his team for them to reach out to him when they’re ready. He’s promised to pay funeral costs for the 9 people who died as a result of the show.

TMZ broke the story, cops were seen casually watching and recording Travis’ set 25 minutes after it was reportedly declared a mass casualty event. It’s hard to imagine he knew the severity of what happened in the crowd if first responders were apparently oblivious as well.

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