Tia Mowry on her sister Tamera: ‘She cannot lie to me, and I cannot lie to her’
9th July 2021


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Tia and Tamera Mowry celebrated their 43rd birthdays on Tuesday. Both sisters posted tributes to each other on Instagram, reaffirming their love and support for one another. The sisters have talked about how COVID affected their ability to see each other as often that they’d like. But despite the physical distance of the last year, they have kept their relationship strong with happy hour Zoom dates twice a month. Tia, who is now a spokeswoman for Lactaid milk, recently appeared on the People Everyday podcast with Janine Rubenstein. Tia talked about her relationship with Tamera. Tia chalks their closeness up to the fact that they shared a womb. Tia went on to say that Tamera can’t lie to her nor can she lie to Tamera because they have “twintuition.” Below are a few more highlights:

“I’m pretty sure it’s still there,” Tia says of their special link. “It’s just a part of being a twin. You have that built in twintuition. You really, really do.”

But Tia and Tamera haven’t had much twin time during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We haven’t seen each other as much as we would like to, because of the circumstances,” she explains. “Now that things are opening up, we have been able to spend more time together.”

But even forced time apart can’t weaken their bond: “She cannot lie to me, and I cannot lie to her, man. Really,” says Tia. “Because we just know each other. You know what I mean? We shared the womb. We call each other womb-mates.”

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I love Tia. I follow her Youtube channel and I love how she keeps it real. Her family is adorable too. Tia and Tamera have never allowed fame to disrupt their relationship or force them to compete against each other. If anything, they have allowed their very different life choices to bring them closer together. My mom is a twin and her twin sister has a set of twins. Both sets always talk about how they can feel each other when they are going through something. So I believe Tia when she says she and Tamera share “twintuition.” I also love the term “womb-mates” it is so cute. I have always wanted to be a twin because I feel like there is something very special about their connection to each other that other siblings do not share. And if the twins are identical I have a feeling that connection is even more intense. Anyways, I can’t believe Tia and Tamera are now 43 years old. I am not sure why I thought that they were much younger than me because I was too old (I was already enlisted in the Navy) to really be into their show when it aired in the 90s (although I watched it sometimes). Hopefully Tia and Tamara will post some of their adult shenanigans on Instagram. Happy Birthday to them.


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