This Video of Penn Badgley Saying ‘XOXO’ Has ‘Gossip Girl’ Fans Freaking Out
17th December 2020

Penn Badgley was stopped by a fan and made a TikTok video to say happy birthday to a woman named “Serena,” and what he did next was amazing!

“Happy birthday Serena,” the 34-year-old Gossip Girl said, before adding in, “XOXO.” The XOXO is, of course, a reference to his famed television show Gossip Girl.

There was a character on Gossip Girl named Serena van der Woodsen, which likely prompted the “XOXO” salute from Penn. The role of Serena was played by Blake Lively. If you missed it, Penn once revealed the gift he got from Blake while they were a couple on the set!

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