'The View': Ana Navarro Delivers Powerful Message About How to Deal With Body Shamers
17th October 2021

Ana Navarro never holds back her opinion on The View and that is why fans love her. The Nicaraguan-born host is beloved by viewers of the talk show because she always tells it like it is. Navarro recently called out Donald Trump Jr. for poking fun at her weight and fired back at Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran for making a joke at Whoopi Goldberg’s expense. The political commentator just delivered a powerful message on the ABC daytime program on body shamers and how she deals with it.

What advice did Ana Navarro give Jonah Hill?

On The View episode that aired Oct. 15, the panel was discussing the Jonah Hill post on social media where he asked everyone to stop commenting on his body. The co-hosts gave their own takes on the topic but it was Navarro’s words that really struck a chord giving “unsolicited advice” to Hill.

“I get a lot of this on social media, I’ve gotten it since the moment I started getting on national TV. So, let me just give some unsolicited advice,” Navarro explained. “If you don’t want people to comment on the way you look, the last thing you should do is tell people not to comment on the way you look. Because the moment they know it gets to you, the haters and the people who want to get to you, will do it more.”

Navarro went on to explain that people should not “allow somebody else’s perception of you define you because they win and you lose.” The CNN contributor said that when you have such a big following on social media it gets difficult to “control what people think or how they act.”

It was the last bit of Navarro’s take that really got the crowd cheering saying, “I’m not going to stop talking about how fine Daniel Craig is, or how fine [Omari] Hardwick is from Power… and I’m not going to stop making fun of Donald Trump’s hair, his orange skin, and the size of his butt.”

Ana Navarro deals with Donald Trump Jr.

After Navarro got a false-positive test result for the coronavirus (COVID-19), some took the opportunity to take a jab at her. Trump Jr. took aim at her body weight in a mean tweet that went viral. Not one to hold back, Navarro replied on Twitter with a savage message.

“@DonaldJTrumpJr, thanks for your concern,” Navarro tweeted. “I don’t have COVID. Fortunately for you, if you want to have a conversation about the effects of obesity on people with COVID, your dad is a phone call away… assuming he answers your calls. Or just ask your sister to call him for you.”

Navarro effectively handled the bully by firing back and standing up for herself.

‘The View’ co-host saves Whoopi Goldberg after nasty joke

Recently, Goldberg was the punchline for Barbara Corcoran’s joke that also involved body shaming. The panelists were discussing the incredible jeans made by the co-founder of Good American, Emma Grede. Goldberg made a self-deprecating joke about her “Covid” behind, while Navarro said that the jeans fit her own “Covid” butt.

“OK. Well, if they fit two Covid butts we’ll be fine,” Goldberg said.

Corcoran tried to make a joke saying, “And when you are finished with those jeans and you decided that you don’t like them, give them two me. I’m going to make two pairs.”

Goldberg was seemingly shocked at the joke but Navarro stepped in to save the day by calling out the Shark Tank star for wearing a dress already seen on the show before. Corcoran would later apologize for her bad joke.

The View airs Monday through Friday at 11 a.m. ET and 10 a.m. CT/PT on ABC.

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