The Pogues' Shane McGowan on what he really thinks of Fairytale of New York
25th November 2020

The Pogues’ frontman Shane MacGowan has shared his thoughts on his acid trips making it into a film, his friendship with Johnny Depp and feelings on editing the lyrics of Fairytle Of New York.

Julien Temple’s made a film of your life – how was the shoot?

Long and sometimes excruciating. It was a good laugh having screaming matches with Julien Temple but I’m used to that.

You mention in the film you hate Fairytale of New York. How do you feel if you hear it?

I don’t hate Fairytale! I am just a bit sick of it.

How do you feel about words being bleeped out on the radio or a different version being played with PC lyrics?

I think it’s ridiculous.

There’s a story about you in a hotel in New Zealand, tripping and hearing the Maoris tell you to get naked and paint yourself blue…

It was pink speed, not acid. But it was very, very trippy. I often carried a paint box, I painted a lot.

Are there any big acid trips that didn’t make it into the film?

Loads. There was a DMT trip when I met the devil – that was frightening. I told him he was a smelly, horrible bastard and I didn’t want anything to do with him. I invoked Our Lady and the saints and the Holy Ghost.

He tempted me with getting my dead family back. Don’t experiment with DMT and stuff like that, even I couldn’t handle it.

You speak to lots of people including Johnny Depp, who produced the film. Describe your friendship…

He is great, we’ve always got on like a house on fire.

You were told there are ‘booze and cigarettes in heaven’ as a kid. Reckon that’s true?

Yeah, I should think so, if you want them.

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