The Duggars Defend Their Kids Getting Married So Young
26th January 2021

If you’ve ever seen 19 Kids and Counting, you’ll know that the Duggar children waste no time settling down and having kids of their own. After 18-year-old Justin proposed to his 19-year-old girlfriend, Claire Spivey, in November, fans had a few comments they wanted to get off of their chests.

Someone commented on the Duggar’s Instagram post, saying, “Why are you letting your kid get married when he should be in college, dating around and learning how to be an adult? And before 19-year-old brides come at me for this comment, you missed out on a lot,” In Touch Weekly reports.

Jim Bob and Michelle, who got married when she was 17 and he was 19 (per the family website), were quick to defend their son’s choice. “So far, our children have gotten married between the ages of 19-28. We always leave the decision of when to get married up to them as adults! We are so grateful for each of the Godly spouses they have chosen, and we are excited to cheer each of them on in life and in love!” The couple later deleted their comment, the outlet notes.

Justin Duggar's relationship has faced questions before

In addition to having to defend their early marriage, Justin Duggar’s fiancée recently received some blowback for a poster she made for her husband-to-be. The 18-year-old underwent his wisdom-teeth removal surgery with his bride-to-be at his side, PopCulture reports. On her Instagram, Spivey shared her support by saying, “How I enjoyed getting to take care of this guy. He is such a trooper, and has had a wonderful recovery! Thankful for every moment with him, even when it’s changing ice packs, and giving meds.”

But, what caught people’s attention was the massive banner draped over a railing that read, “Praying for our Justin! We love you!” that also featured a picture of him. The Duggar parents also shared a photo of the banner, saying, “It was a big week for Justin as he faced the inevitable — getting his wisdom teeth removed! His fiancée Claire came up to visit for the occasion, and she was a wonderful nurse while he recovered. When you love someone you definitely feel their pain, and it was sweet to see them get through this experience together!”

The Duggar parents have also supported their son by selling him one of Jim Bob’s homes for $1. To give them a “good start,” Jim Bob has helped his children who get married, but the main rule is that the two can’t spend the night together there until after their nuptials (via In Touch Weekly).

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