The Cutest BTS Gifts to Get Your Friends (By Which I Mean Yourself)
28th May 2021

BTS just released their new single “Butter,” which in my humble opinion is as good an excuse as any to spend my entire paycheck on merch and gifts. Like, I’m pretty sure the lyrics “Cool shade stunner, Yeah, I owe it all to my mother, Hot like summer, Yeah, I’m makin’ you sweat like that” is them subtly telling me to buy sunglasses inspired by the “Butter” video, right? Right.

Either way, 2021 is The Summer of BTS and the time has come to shower fellow ARMY members with gifts. The thing is: When it comes to BTS merch, the internet has a lot to offer. The group has collaborated with a million brands, they have an adorable line of clothes and accessories for their BT21 characters, and don’t even get me started on the magic that’s happening on Etsy fan merch accounts right now.

Which brings us to our list of BTS gifts for you, your friends, and the random people in your life who don’t stan BTS yet (but will once they’re done scrolling through these cute items, duh). From fancy headphones (Samsung collab, what’s up), to pajamas that I will be making room for in my closet, to some more ~subtle items~ for when you wanna be chill, here are the best BTS gifts lurking on the internet. If you need me, I’ll be adding things to my my mom’s Amazon shopping cart, goodbye.

Only relevant for ’90s kids due to no one else owning a cassette player, next.

Pick your fave BT21 character and prepare to hit snooze on your alarm. 

Dear AirPods,

You are no longer needed.



If your boardgames are not BTS-themed, I have no interest in playing them.

I cannot emphasize enough how much I need someone to purchase this for me. 

While I fully support wearing a shirt with BTS’s faces plastered across the front, this option perfectly marries style and stan.

Honestly, these would be cool even for the non-BTS fans in your life.

It’s called mood lighting, look it up! 

A great gift for the person who’s literally *this* close to buying BTS underwear.

👏Can 👏 you👏 even👏 handle👏the👏cuteness👏

Real fans get real ink! JK, please get this temp tattoo instead.

For when you don’t want the tats, but you want the vibe.

Did you know BTS collaborated with VT on a beauty line? You do now.

According to science, this shirt is perfect.

If we MUST wear bucket hats, can they at least be full of cute BT21 characters? 

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