‘Teen Mom OG’s Maci Bookout Struggles To Tell Daughter, 3, That She’ll Be Having Major Surgery
8th December 2018

Maci Bookout has to tell her toddler Jayde that she’s going under the knife for a procedure, but her little one takes the news like a champ, despite the ‘Teen Mom’ star’s concerns.

Maci Bookout’s daughter Jayde had surgery in October and on the Dec. 10 episode of Teen Mom OG, fans will get to see what happened in the run-up to the procedure. In a clip of the hit show, Maci, 27, tries to keep calm as she tells the 3-year-old that she’s going under the knife. The mom-of-three brings up the subject, while the family – including her husband, Taylor McKinney, their son Maverick, 2, and her son Bentley, 10 – have dinner.

“Jayde you’re going to the doctor tomorrow,” Maci tells the toddler, who calmly responds in the clip below, “Why?” Maci tries to make the information age appropriate, saying, “Because they’re gonna give you some grape juice.” As her daughter says, “yeah” and “uh-huh” in between, the mom adds, “And then you get to take a nap, and then you’re gonna wake up, and then they’re gonna give you a popsicle, and then you get to come home.” Unfazed, Jayde replies, “Oh. That’s it?”

Without saying in the clip what the procedure is, Maci tries to reassure her daughter by adding, “Benny had to go to the doctor for this same thing when he was little.” Bentley blurts out, “I took giggle juice,” before his mommy tells him not to say that. Poor Jayde protests by saying, “I don’t drink giggle juice.”

Although no one says in the clip why Jayde is having surgery, Taylor does promise their little girl that she’ll “sleep better.” Over on Maci’s Instagram page, however, there is a clue why Jayde was hospitalized. In a November 2015 post she shared a photo of Bentley, in a hospital bed before having a tonsillectomy – an operation to remove his tonsils. Maci captioned the photo, “Early morning at the hospital with this tough fella’ time for a tonsillectomy! #byebyestrep #gigglejuice.”

Fans will find out what happens after the procedure in the Dec. 10 episode of the show when it airs on MTV at 9pm, but in the clip, Jayde reassures her daddy that she’ll be just fine. When he asks her, “Are you gonna be brave?” she responds with, “Yeah.” We believe her!

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