Tara ReidTara Reid Launches $100M Lawsuit for Wrongful Image Usage on Slot Machines
8th December 2018

Tara Reid has launched a $100 million (£78.4 million) lawsuit against the producers of “Sharknado” for reportedly licensing her image to slot machine companies without her permission.

The actress is suing bosses at Asylum Entertainment and Syfy Media Productions for false endorsement and misappropriation of celebrity likeness.

According to The Blast, Reid is accusing the producers of wrongfully allowing her face to be used by “manufacturers of slot machines, gambling products and beer makers, who in turn have marketed their product with her likeness, and continue to wrongfully trade and profit therefrom”.

Reid also insists she explicitly stated in her film contract that her likeness could not be used in “Sharknado” promotional materials that were in association with tobacco, gambling, hygiene or sexual products.

She is seeking no less than $100 million in damages and an injunction barring her image from continuing to be used.

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