Stacey Solomon ‘so proud’ of stepson Harry as he collects GCSE results
26th August 2023

Stacey Solomon shares ‘humbling’ treadmill experience

Stacey Solomon posted a heartfelt public message to her stepson Harry, and all GCSE students who received their results yesterday, offering words of encouragement and support.

Despite the fact that the 33-year-old mum of five has previously confessed to being “very naughty at school” and seizing “every opportunity” to skip class, she revealed that she passed 13 GCSEs and has “never failed an exam in my life”.

However, she had an uplifting message for those who didn’t achieve their longed for grades.

“Just wanted to say a MASSIVE good luck to everyone receiving their GCSE results today,” she said.

“Please remember this. These results don’t define you,” she continued.

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“You can be ANYTHING you want to be. There’s always other ways,” she told them.

She then added a personal message to her husband Joe Swash’s eldest son Harry.

“A special good luck to Joe’s biggest boy today. We are all so proud of you whatever the results,” she assured him.

Harry, 16, is Joe’s son from his relationship with ex Emma Sophocleous. The 41-year-old also shares three children with Stacey Rex, Rose, 21 months, and Belle, six months.

Stacey also has two sons Leighton, 11, and Zachary, 15, from previous relationships.

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She recently paid tribute to her eldest son on Instagram in a touching post for her 5.7 million followers. Talking about a recent holiday she explained how Zachary had been like a third parent.

“Zach helped us so much on holiday, it was like having an extra parent and I just sent him a video like, ‘Zach, we genuinely couldn’t do it without you,'” the emotional Loose Women star explained.

“It actually breaks my heart,” she continued, blinking back the tears as her eyes filled with love for her first-born.

“He’s 15 but he’s such a nice kid and I’m so proud of him… I had Zachary when I was two years older than he is now and I just wasn’t as tuned in and amazing with the kids [as he is],” the 33-year-old exclaimed.

“I wasn’t even as amazing with him as he is with our kids! He made our lives so much easier.”

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