‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Model Haley Kalil Goes Topless In Bed To Promote Body Positivity For 2019
4th January 2019

Clothes are so 2018, at least for Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Haley Kalil it appears that they are. The bikini clad swimsuit edition rookie recently took to her Instagram account to post a steamy selfie while promoting an important message to her followers for the new year.

In her latest sexy post to the popular photo sharing social media platform, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit rookie seriously turned up the heat with a topless black-and-white selfie. The photo was set in a bare room that had only a large bed, which the model sat on top of, perched on her knees. Haley donned only a single item of clothing in the risque shot; a skimpy pair of black panties that sat high on her hips, accentuating the model’s enviable waist and flaunting her incredibly toned midsection.

Meanwhile, Haley covered her topless chest with her hand, caressing her bosom and putting on a busty display of ample cleavage and underboob for her 136,000 followers on social media. And while the photo had a black-and-white filter, Haley’s thousands of fans could tell you her hair is a fiery red color, which was strewn messily over her shoulder as she gave the camera a sultry look.

The stunning shot was sure to make users on the social media platform pause their mindless scrolling and stare, and maybe even double tap to add to the 9,000 likes the photo garnered in just 10 hours of going live. And while Haley’s body certainly invokes envy in a good portion of her followers, the model used the caption of her post to remind her fans that she wasn’t always confident in the way she looked, but has learned to love herself and wants others to as well.

“RAW. Cheers to a year full of embracing the body i used to battle against and want to change,” she said. “2019 is the year of loving who you are and not giving a damnnnnn what anyone has to say about it.”

And despite any body issues Haley may have had in the past, her fans had nothing but nice compliments to give to the model on both her look and her caption.

“Yes. This caption is everything and don’t even get me started about this pic,” wrote Colombian model Manuella Hernandez, who was a Sweet 16 finisher of Sports Illustrated‘s 2018 model search.

“Why would you want to change that beautiful body of yours? Happy 2019,” read another one of the dozens of comments left on the head-turning photo.

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