Sharon Osbourne, Jack Got COVID From Ozzy, Whole House Infected
3rd May 2022

Sharon Osbourne’s home is like a petri dish … everyone’s got COVID.

It looks like in the Osbourne home, Ozzy is patient zero.  As we reported, he caught the virus and Sharon, who had just launched her new UK talk show, was beside herself and flew back to the states to be with him.

Well, Ozzy passed on the bug, and now Sharon’s got it, along with Kelly.

The good news … Ozzy’s doing better, according to Sharon.  His cough is gone and his temp is back to normal.

Sharon’s doing her show — “The Talk” — remotely.  She told her co-host, Jeremy Kyle that she’s doing fine.

Sharon and Ozzy’s son Jack shared a video Saturday … reassuring folks Ozzy was on the mend and back to doing what he loves — chatting with his pets over the phone.

As you know, Sharon was in tears last week talking about Ozzy’s diagnosis … saying her family is her life, and she worries for their safety.

Glad everyone’s gonna be ok.

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