‘Sex bomb’ Robbie Williams pictured naked in bed by proud wife Ayda
12th August 2023

Robbie Williams shows off weight loss on Instagram

Robbie Williams was declared a “sex bomb” by wife Ayda Field, who proudly uploaded a photo of her husband in bed wearing nothing but an eye mask.

The snap of the tattooed and muscular star went down a storm with fans, and of course his spouse, who captioned it: “You can mess my bed up anytime!”

Using hashtags including “#bedhead” and “weekendvibes”, she clarified: “Yes, Rob gave me permission to post this!”

@charley_limax1193 exclaimed: “One hell of a lucky woman you are, Ayda!” while @disneyprincess_abbey chimed in: “He can mess my bed up too haha!”

Meanwhile, @janemhdg joked: “Just showed my hubby and asked if he could get a bod like Robbie – he just looked at me and said ‘k***’. Charming – ahhh a girl can dream!”

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The smouldering snap comes hot on the heels of a joke Ayda had made to The Sun about living in a sexless marriage.

The 44-year-old clarified back in June that her “no sex after marriage” comment had been an exaggeration and intended playfully, but that it had been misinterpreted by some.

“We had this funny overshare that was in all the papers. It was more of an offhand joke and then we re-explained the joke and it became another thing,” she told Hello! magazine.

“But listen, I was 27 when I was [first] with Rob. We have four kids now. Different things take centre stage. It’s not Ayda and Rob skipping along and ripping each other’s clothes off and staying up until 6am!”

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During the couple’s six year relationship, they have welcomed: Teddy, ten, Charlie, eight, Coco, four and Beau, three.

“Instead of it just being about us, it’s now about other people as well. It’s about four other little humans,” Ayda reasoned.

In addition, the pair have been tirelessly caring for Ayda’s mum Gwen, who was diagnosed with cancer during the pandemic and is also living with Parkinson’s disease.

Despite struggling to get alone time together and having so many responsibilities, Ayda has clarified that the pair are still “intimate” with one another – and she added that laughter is their “love language”.

Meanwhile, 49-year-old Robbie has recently undergone an image overhaul, and is noticeably slimmer than in previous times.

The Angels star posted a meme earlier in the month telling the world that his “ideal goal weight is people being worried about me”.

The cartoon image he posted had one stick figure telling him: “It’s gone too far,” while another stick figure representing him happily replied: “Aw, bless you.”

He’s also been avidly watching football, as Ayda revealed when she posted another snap of him yesterday, admitting that the sporting season has made him “laser-focused”.

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