Serena, Venus Williams Childhood Home To Sell At Auction, Worth $1.42 Mil
15th September 2022

Serena and Venus Williams‘ childhood home in Florida — where the tennis greats lived as teenagers with father Richard Williams — is set to hit the auction block next month after 5 years of fighting in court … and will now go to the highest bidder.

The 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath home in Palm Beach Gardens — estimated to be worth around $1.42 million — is scheduled to be auctioned off in late September … after Richard’s 43-year-old ex, Lakeisha, failed to keep up with the payments.

The home, which was built in the 1980s, has fallen into disrepair over the years.

According to the notice of sale, the house will go to “the highest and best bidder for cash.”

Venus and Serena moved to the house as teenagers after Richard purchased the property, which features two tennis courts on its 10+ acre lot. It’s pretty cool … it’s the court where “King Richard” trained his daughters.

Of course, the girls went on to become two of the greatest tennis players — and athletes, period — that the world has ever seen.

Their story was told in the hit movie, “King Richard,” where Will Smith portrayed Richard Williams.

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