Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin Just Had a Very Awkward Accidental Twinning Moment
5th January 2019

Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin share two major things: the fact that they both dated Justin Bieber, and the fact that they can both rock the ~fashun~.

But this week, their styles overlapped a little more than either of them are probably comfy with, because they wore basically the same Balenciaga sweater out in L.A. Please observe.

Here’s Hailey with Justin waiting outside a restaurant.

And here’s Selena walking around in Beverly Hills.

!!!!! Uncomfy!! Sure, Hailey picked the sweatshirt version while Selena went with the turtleneck, but these pictures were taken literally within the same week. That’s not even enough time to let one of these sweaters fade from our collective memory.

In case you forgot, Hailey and Justin started dating again right after he and Selena broke up this spring. They were married a few months later, and people always assumed Selena was heartbroken over the whole thing. which makes this whole situation a little ironic.

Anyways! Here’s hoping your weekend is free of any accidental outfit copying. Bye!

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