Sam Thompson admits to creating fake social media profiles to stalk exes as he opens up on break-ups
14th August 2019

Sam Thompson has revealed that he is guilty of creating fake social media profiles to stalk ex girlfriends.

The 27 year old got candid as he spoke about breaks up during a chat with Celebs Go Dating star Anna Williamson.

Opening up on heartache with Direct Line as they launch their new relationship breakdown packages, the Made In Chelsea favourite admitted that he is included in the 12 per cent of people who have created a fake social media account to check up on a former flame. He said: "I have done it, I had two fake accounts.

"It's so easy to do, it's so readily available and it's so hard to check yourself." Giving advice on what to do if you feel like checking up on an ex, Sam said: "Block 'em mate, block 'em."

He continued: "It's never not a struggle. In this generation let's say, you're living on your phone pretty much. If you break up back in the day, you don't see the ex, one it's over it's over… whereas now, you are constantly bombarded.

"You're more likely to see photos of your ex-girlfriend on Instagram after they're your ex than when you're with them. You're constantly hounded by the memory of them, so it's incredibly hard."

Sam also gave his opinion on why he thinks people are snooping through their partners' phones without their knowledge. He said: "I think the reason people are checking phones more now is, people like things on social media, it's so easy to talk to someone on social media.

"You can slide into someone's DMs, you can just send them a direct message in the drop of a hat, you don't even need someone's number to message them. I think in terms of jealousy it becomes a lot harder in this day and age for a partner to trust someone.

"I know you shouldn't be doing it but I can understand why people become more anxious and jealous almost. So it's a dangerous little world we're living in when it comes to relationships."

Sam is currently loved up with Love Island star Zara McDermott. Currently enjoying a romantic holiday together to Italy, disaster struck when the airport roof "came through" as they were trying to depart.

Zara took to her Instagram page to fill her 1.1million followers in on their drama. She told fans: "The roof is coming down in Luton Airport wtf. Sat in Bella Italia."

As she continued to post videos of water flooding through the roof, she continued: "I cannot believe this is happening, was just trying to enjoy my pizza." Another post saw her tell fans: "It’s now flooding," as a pool of gathered on the floor.

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