Sam Asghari Gets Britney a New Doberman Puppy for Protection
25th February 2023

Sam Asghari got his fiancee a living, breathing present with dual intentions … to keep her happy, and to keep her safe.

Britney filmed Sam as he gifted her a Dobie pup Friday. He posted the video with the caption, “Surprised my fiancé with our newest member to the Family ❤️ Porsha.”

As Brit trained her cellphone on man and dog, you hear him say … “Her name is Porsha and she’s meant to unconditionally love you and is going to be trained to protect you from any motherf***** that comes around you with bad intentions.”

You’ll recall, Brit’s had canine issues recently … she got into it with her housekeeper after the woman took Britney’s other 2 dogs to the vet because she felt they were being neglected. The dogs ended up staying with the dog sitter for 2 weeks until they were returned.

It feels like things are lining up for a post-conservator life. As we reported, our sources say Britney and Sam are in the early stages of looking for a new house, though they won’t pull the trigger until the conservatorship is terminated. That could happen as early as November 12, the date of the next court hearing.

Stay tuned …

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