Romesh Ranganathan’s says wife ‘doesn’t mind’ when he makes jokes about sex life
14th May 2023

Romesh Ranganathan, 45, has previously spoken candidly about his antics in the bedroom – or lack thereof – with his wife Leesa Ranganathan, 42.

The star, who is presenting the 2023 BAFTA TV Awards with comedy partner Rob Beckett this evening, married Leesa in 2009 and the pair share three children together: Theo, Alex, and Charlie.

Romesh and Leesa met while working in Hazelwick School in Crawley, where she was a drama teacher and he taught maths.

The comedian often speaks about his wife in both shows and interviews, but insists she doesn’t mind at all.

Romesh explained how she remained completely unfazed by it all, even when he brings up intimate topics such as their sex life.

During the pandemic, the Ranganation host wrote in his column for the Guardian: “People often ask me if she minds me talking about her, but she genuinely sees it all as just comedy, and therefore meaningless.”

Elsewhere in the article, he explained: “One part of my routine detailed my sex life, or lack thereof, with my wife, Leesa.

“Obviously, I hadn’t honed it by that point, so it was a pretty frank discussion of what Leesa and I were experiencing passion-wise.

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“I have a vivid memory of seeing her face in the audience, looking completely calm, and then glancing across to our friends, who looked utterly horrified at the prospect of going out for dinner with a couple they now knew were definitely not having sex when they got home.”

In the column, the comic also compared having sex as a married couple to “making a risotto” in a hilarious analogy.

He quipped: “The truth is that when you are a decade into a marriage, sex is a bit like making a risotto: it’s always nice, but a lot of the time you really can’t be a****.

“In the past, you might have cleared an evening for it; now you try to fit it in early, so that you can watch two episodes of a box set before bed.”

He added: “I’m not going to say this fully describes our sex life because that would be indiscreet, but I will tell you that we are watching a lot of Sneaky Pete at the moment.”

The BAFTA Television Awards 2023 air at 7pm tonight on BBC One.

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