Robyn Brown Called Out by Sister Wives Fans: You’re a Heartless Hypocrite!
22nd April 2021

Sister Wives had a rough finale with major fallout within the plural marriage.

Utah finally decriminalizing plural marriage made Christine want to move back home.

But others were too attached to their new roots in Flagstaff to want to budge again.

Robyn in particular came under attack from fans, who called her a total hypocrite.

It’s probably safe to say that Christine Brown felt blindsided.

To her, the idea of moving back to Utah where they wouldn’t feel like they had targets on their backs seemed ideal.

She was even under the impression that Kody agreed with her.

Kody, however, had only limited enthusiasm for the idea.

Ultimately, he told the camera plainly that he didn’t expect that Christine could convince anyone to go back.

And he sang the praises of their new home in Flagstaff, Arizona.

He was not the only one.

Janelle explained that this life that they’re building in Flagstaff was what she always wanted.

And for Meri, she felt that after being “kicked out” of Utah, she didn’t want to return.

Robyn had a specific worry — her kids.

She worried about the impact of another huge move on her children.

In particular, the family’s reality TV fame can make it harder for her kids to adjust to a new school.

Christine, meanwhile, worried about her father’s ailing health.

She wants to be closer to him back in Utah.

And she felt like the odd one out because of her desire to move.

Robyn took to Twitter after the finale aired to express her sympathies for Christine.

“I was pretty surprised and shocked that Christine proposed that we move to Utah” she admitted.

Robyn added: “I feel so bad that she was so upset about everyone not agreeing to move.”

“My heart goes out to her completely,” Robyn expressed.

Her tweet concluded: “I really understand the desire.”

The replies to Robyn’s tweet were not exactly understanding in nature.

The criticisms focused upon Robyn involved a recollection of Robyn’s desire to move to Flagstaff in the first place.

Remember, her kids were about to start college in Arizona.

The move wasn’t entirely for Robyn’s benefit, but clearly that was a consideration.

Robyn’s not the only one with kids, after all.

The family did uproot and move, which worked out well for Robyn.

Fans saw Robyn unwilling to uproot in return, and called her out, accusing her of hypocrisy.

Obviously, Robyn was not the only dissenter.

The whole issue with that conflict was that everyone but Christine didn’t want to move.

But many fans felt like Robyn was being the most hypocritical.

Of course, fans also had plenty to say about Kody, whom they saw as two-faced.

Christine, at least, seemed totally caught off guard when he was opposed to the move.

From her perspective, he was acting like they hadn’t even discussed it beforehand.

The fact of the matter is that this is a family.

Monogamous couples disagree over where and when to move sometimes, and have to reach an understanding.

Understandably, that is trickier when there are five people in your marriage, not two.

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