RHOC Star Braunwyn Windham-Burke & GF Kris Split Over 'Commitment' Issues
12th April 2021

It’s all over for Braunwyn Windham-Burke and her now-ex-girlfriend, Kris.

The duo, who had been confirmed as dating each other for several months, decided to part ways several weeks ago with the news only just now leaking out, according to media reports.

And to hear the saga unfold, it sounds like Kris is the one who ultimately called it quits due to commitment concerns on her behalf regarding the Real Housewives of Orange County star. According to People, she pulled the plug after being unable to get the mom of seven to get more serious about their budding relationship.

A source explained (below):

“Kris broke up with Braunwyn well over a month ago. Braunwyn understood. They were at two very different places in their lives and Kris wanted more of a commitment than Braunwyn was able to give, so it was better to part ways. They’re still friendly, and each want the best for the other.”


Glad to hear everything has remained civil between them, and the relationship apparently ended on good terms. Still… breakups suck! It’s interesting to learn commitment was the big issue here — and maybe that shouldn’t be surprising. After all, Windham-Burke is still married to her husband of over 20 years, Sean Burke (pictured in inset, above), despite recently having come out as a lesbian.

Add in Braunwyn’s seven children with Sean — Bella, 20, Rowan, 18, Jacob, 15, twins Curran and Caden, 7, Koa, 4, and Hazel, 2 — and that’s a lot of pre-loaded commitment already stacked up right there! No wonder it must have seemed tough to Kris to compete for the reality TV maven’s time and attention!

As you’ll recall, the Bravo star first came out back in December, in a public announcement about her orientation and mental health (below):

“It feels so good to finally be living my truth. I am a lesbian. At 43 years old, I’ve finally been able to accept this part of myself and I’ve realized there are no rules about when someone should come out. This is my time.”

That was the same day she first introduced fans to Kris, sharing a selfie of the pair to commemorate her own coming-out and the love and support she thankfully had in doing so.

Since then, the reality TV personality has gotten very real about where her husband fits into all this, as she and the entire family work to navigate their new normal. And now, with Kris out of the picture, another change looms.

Here’s hoping everyone involved comes out of this split OK. Sad to see it didn’t work out for either one of them, but as the saying goes, there are plenty of other fish in the sea!

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