Rebekah Vardy "absolutely gutted" over Coleen’s Vogue cover: "It’s really hurt her"
26th August 2023

Coleen Rooney has sent waves across the world of celebrity after landing British Vogue's September digital cover, with the magazine labelling her a 'detective' following her £3M libel case against Rebekah Vardy.

But it appears that the achievement hasn't gone down so well with the latter, who lost her case – which revolved around Coleen's accusation that Rebekah's Instagram account was leaking stories to the press about her private life.

Sources have told OK! that Rebekah is “absolutely gutted” over her former friend’s career move. “She’ll be so jealous of Coleen – the front cover of Vogue is a massive deal. It’s huge. Not many big A-list celebs get to do it, never mind footballer’s wives,” they claim.

“Rebekah has always been really ambitious – she’s worked on a lot of other projects since going to court – but for Coleen to be on the cover of Vogue, that will be really hurting her.”

“She’d stayed relatively out of the limelight before Wagatha – she stopped doing magazine shoots – so to bounce back with a Vogue cover is huge. It will be hard for Rebekah to stomach.”

Coleen didn't hold back while talking to Vogue for the issue in a tell-all interview, as she discussed the trial, which was dubbed the 'Wagatha Christie trial', and her relationship with Rebekah before things turned sour.

Many would assume the pair were friends before the Wagatha Christie scandal, with Wayne and Coleen being invited to the Vardy's 2016 wedding, and the WAGs being pictured alongside one another in the stands, cheering for their husbands when they both played for England.

However, Coleen described Rebekah as more of an acquaintance, admitting that they had never spent time together one-on-one.

Following the interview, Rebekah has once again hit out at Coleen via Instagram in the comment section of her recent post. She shared a bikini picture to the platform, which she captioned 'take a chill' and began replying to comments from followers who shared that they were behind her.

Describing the situation as 'boring now', she then added, "What I don’t get why you would want to keep bringing it up. It’s boring now! The public doesn’t care and neither do I. She won that’s the end of it! Be happy move on… because I know I have x"

Adding more salt into the wound, Rebekah referenced Coleen's footballer husband Wayne and his previous cheating scandals. "Jealous of what exactly! Spare me the pain seriously… I wouldn’t put up with my husband sleeping with hookers end of! No excuses."

She wasn't done there either, as another fan commented about Coleen's upcoming Disney+ reality documentary, with Rebekah replying, "she just can’t let it go".

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