Rachel Zegler Dishes On What She Did When She Met Barack Obama
4th November 2021

Rachel Zegler is opening up about the time when she President Barack Obama.

The 20-year-old West Side Story actress has been named one of The Hollywood Reporter‘s Rising Young Stars, and in her feature, she revealed what happened when she met the former leader.

See what she said inside…

Rachel was asked about the person she was the most starstruck by.

“I cried in front of Barack Obama. I got mascara on his shirt — a really embarrassing moment for me,” she said.

She also dished that she’s dying to work with “Oscar motherf–king Isaac,” obviously. IYKYK.

Another thing she talked about was how people in Hollywood should be talking more about the crews on sets.

“Treating our crews better,” she said. “I know the conversations have opened up recently, but since I started working in this industry I have been thinking about how awesome our crews are and how much more they deserve.”

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