Queen’s amused gesture as host jokes she picked horse show over parliament
16th May 2022

One was certainly amused, as The Queen laughed at comedian Omid Djalili's joke as she attended the Platinum Jubilee Celebration at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Her Majesty, 96, appeared in a happy mood as she watched 1,300 acts and 500 horses perform in her honour during the commemorative event held this past weekend.

As the show neared its end, Omid, 56, who hosted the occasion, cheekily addressed the 96 year old monarch’s absense from the State Opening of Parliament days prior, where she had Prince Charles and Prince William step in for her as agreed in a Letters Patent.

It was announced by Buckingham Palace that the Queen would not be able to attend because of “episodic mobility problems” and was said at the time to be reluctant to be missing it.

The Queen appeared in livelier spirits following the announcement at the Platinum Jubilee event and host Omid was ready to give the Royal a little roasting about her parliament dismissal he closed out the show at Windsor Castle.

Starting out kindly speaking to the guests who had joined the Queen, Omid said: "Thank you to the Great British public who have shown up tonight, in the back there, wearing comfortable shoes and light rain-wear.”

He then referenced Her Majesty jokingly as he added: "Your Royal Highness, on behalf of everyone here we would like to thank you, very humbly, for picking us over the State Opening of Parliament.

"You did the right thing, and I won £5 in a bet with my local kebab shop owner in Ipswich."

The audience immediately reacted to the joke with applause, while the camera panned to the Queen showing her respond in similar enjoyment as she flashed a slight smile before waving her hand up in the air.

Fans took to social media to give their own reactions to Omid’s joke afterwards.

"Haha The Queen just raised her hand in agreement about choosing the #platinumjubilee over the state opening of Parliament. Love it!" One person wrote.

"Best moment of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration concert!” A second person commented.

“When Omid Djalili said “thank you for choosing us over the State Opening of Parliament your Majesty”; the Queen smiled & waived! Priceless."

It has not been confirmed whether or not Prince Charles and Prince William will take on any more occasions lined up ahead initially scheduled for the Queen, though time will tell if this is to be the case more and more moving forward.

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