Queen Elizabeth had ‘grave concerns’ over Kate Middleton joining family
14th December 2018

Before Kate Middleton was engaged to Prince William, the Queen allegedly didn’t believe she was fit to join the family.

Royal biographer Katie Nicholl writes in her book “The Making of a Royal Romance” that Queen Elizabeth thought Kate needed a job before William proposed.

“Privately she [the Queen] had grave concerns and believed that Kate needed to have a job and an identity in her own right before an engagement was announced,” Nicholl wrote, according to The Sun.

“She [the Queen] is one of the hardest working royals, despite her age, and that a future of the royal family was without a full-time job was unacceptable to her,” Nicholl added.

Apparently others in the royal circle felt similarly about Middleton’s lack of professional direction. One source added, “Swanning from one five-star holiday resort to another is not the prerequisite for a young woman possibly destined to be Queen.”

Middleton, 36, surely found her footing as the Queen advised her to take up charity causes.

She and William, 36, dated while attending St. Andrews. They briefly parted ways after graduation and reunited soon thereafter. They couple finally got engaged in 2010 and married in 2011. They recently welcomed their third child.

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