Princess Victoria on William & Kate: ‘It feels very natural and easy to meet’
5th December 2023

Last week, Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visited the UK. They were in the UK for a full day before Prince William and Kate deigned to meet them for a cursory photo-op at Windsor Castle. That same day – last Thursday – Vicky and Daniel joined William and Kate at the Royal Variety show. Will and Kate did not have the appearance of being warm and generous hosts to their royal guests – Victoria and Daniel were left scrambling behind the Waleses on the red carpet, then Will and Kate simply ignored the Swedish royals for the meet-and-greet after the show.

All of this is really basic hosting stuff when it comes to European royalty – William and Victoria are close in age (she’s five years older), their fathers are the kings of their respective countries, and the two couples have been married for the same length of time. You would think that William should have made sure to roll out the red carpet for Victoria and really make a point of doing some kind of formal greeting upon Victoria and Daniel’s arrival. Instead, Will and Kate look sullen, childish and too self-absorbed to do the bare minimum of royal diplomacy. Well, anyway, Victoria had some blandly nice things to say about spending a little time with Peg and Buttons:

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is giving a glimmer into what it was like to spend time with Prince William and Kate Middleton. The future queen of Sweden, 46, had sweet things to say about the Prince and Princess of Wales in a new interview with a local newspaper. Crown Princess Victoria and her husband, Prince Daniel, visited the U.K. last week for a three-day stay, and Victoria told Aftonbladet that they enjoyed being with William and Kate.

“It’s always fun. We share a lot and it feels very natural and easy to meet,” Victoria told Aftonbladet, according to Hello! magazine.

“They are nice people who do a lot for their country. We exchange thoughts and ideas and share many interests,” she added.

Prince William and Crown Princess Victoria are both heirs to their respective thrones, creating a unique opportunity for a special friendship between the two couples, who also have children around the same age. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, 50, are parents to Princess Estelle, 11, and Prince Oscar, 7, while the Prince and Princess of Wales share Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5.

The Swedish royals kicked off their visit last Wednesday in a quintessentially British way — a pint in a pub! — and toured the STANTA training camp in eastern England. There, Swedish military personnel are delivering training to Ukrainian soldiers as part of the U.K.-led Operation Interflex amid the Russian invasion.

[From People]

“We share a lot and it feels very natural and easy to meet” is what I could say about the dogs I meet during my afternoon walks. It should feel natural between William and his Swedish contemporary, but it’s clear that their time together was full of wiglets, rage and awkwardness. Just another reminder: Will and Kate have zero interest in socializing with other European royal houses for some reason. QEII enjoyed special relationships with nearly every European royal house and Charles is particularly close to several European royals as well. Bill and Kathy can’t even be bothered to show up for Prince Christian’s big 18th birthday party, which was attended by major royals from nearly every European royal house.

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