Princess Mako’s husband Kei Komuro didn’t pass the New York bar exam
2nd November 2021

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Japan’s Princess Mako and Kei Komuro got married last week. It was a lowkey affair and their parents didn’t even attend the wedding. After the civil service, Kei and Mako went to a conference room they had rented themselves, and they gave a press conference about their future plans. Their plans involve moving to New York, where Kei already has a job lined up with a law firm, and Mako has plans to find work too. They will rent a one-bedroom apartment and just hope that their move dials down the drama. Except there will be more drama: Kei did not pass the New York Bar exam. Only about 63% of people passed this year’s New York bar.

Princess Mako’s new husband Komuri Kei has failed his New York State bar exam, with the results released days after the couple married. Mako, 30, the eldest daughter of Crown Prince Fumihito and niece of reigning Emperor Naruhito, tied the knot with university sweetheart Kei Komuro, a commoner, in Tokyo last week after an eight-year engagement.

The couple are planning to move into an apartment together in Tokyo before moving to the U.S. and living in New York City where Komuro works as a lawyer at the New-Jersey based law firm Lowenstein Sandler LLP.

Mako declined the offer of 140million yen (£890,000) payment to which she was entitled for leaving the imperial family, palace officials said, and is expected to find a job in New York.

Komuro phoned lawyer Okuno Yoshihiko, the head of a firm in Japan where Komuro once worked, to tell him he failed the New York State Bar Association exam on Saturday, according to Japanese broadcaster NHK. Komuro took the exam earlier this summer, with the exam results were posted on the website of the New York State Board of Law Examiners on Friday. His name was not amoung the successful candidates.

According to the broadcaster, Komuro has said he plans to continue studying and will retake the exams in February. Meanwhile Mako has said she will continue to support her husband’s studies.

Polls show that up to 80 per cent of Japanese oppose the marriage that took place with none of the usual pomp and ceremony in a register office in Tokyo.

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Yeah, you can retake (and retake) the bar until you pass. John F. Kennedy Jr. failed the bar twice but he finally passed the third time. You can also still work at a law firm and work on cases before you pass the bar – depending on the state, you would likely just not be able to argue cases if you haven’t passed. Anyway, it’s embarrassing for Kei but it shouldn’t deter their move or their plans. I still say that Mako should have taken the money though!

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