Poppy Delevingne wears £1,515 ‘vegan fur’ coat
4th December 2018

Poppy Delevingne wears £1,515 ‘vegan fur’ coat for London charity carol service

Forget faux fur — the latest must-have for ethical fashionistas is vegan fur, as society model Poppy Delevingne showed this week.

Attending a Christmas carol concert in London with her husband, aerospace boss James Cook, the 32-year-old opted for a £1,515 Zazi Vintage printed Mongolian sheepskin coat with a vegan fur trim.

Faux fur, I am told, may still contain animal products such as silk, wool or other animal hair — vegan fur is fully synthetic.

Poppy Delevingne (left with James Cook) attended Carols By Candlelight in aid of the Lady Garden Foundation at Christ Church. Poppy (right) had previously attended an event in New York earlier this year

‘If I am very unsure of a dress code, I like to keep it very, very simple,’ says Poppy. ‘I think it’s always a little scary if you go too out-there — it might get me into trouble.’ It’s a woolly area.

Cunning Kirstie’s carrots keep Christmas spirit alive  

At this time of year all parents are keen to keep the magic of the festive season alive, none more so than Kirstie Allsopp.

And come Christmas Eve, the TV presenter reveals, she’ll be out in her back garden casting carrot tops hither and thither in an elaborate ruse to ensure her sons Bay, 12, and Oscar, ten, continue to believe in Rudolf with his nose so bright.

As the big day dawns, her subterfuge is complete.

Kirstie Allsop with her children Oscar Hercules Andersen and Bay Atlas Andersen

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When the family rise and look out of the window, Kirstie, 47, explains: ‘We say, ‘Oh goodness, those reindeer have spat the carrot ends from the roof.’ ‘

What would Santa say?

Ronnie Wood admits the Rolling Stones aren’t what they used to be now he and his bandmates are into their eighth decades. ‘

Ronnie Wood (left) with band mates Keith Richard, Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts. Ronnie Wood has admitted that the band isn’t what it used to be

As we’re all now in our 70s, the tours have got shorter,’ says the 71-year-old. ‘They’ve all worked out to be 14 shows recently. 

But when we get to the last one we are all going: ‘We’re just getting warmed up.’ Everybody finishes on a kind of a downer — ‘We want more gigs!’ Which is a good way to leave it really.’ As long as ti-i-i-ime is on your side.

At the BBC’s Christmas party, Director of Content Charlotte Moore revealed that the high point of her year was ‘when millions of people were glued to the TV for our coverage of a critically important national decision. 

‘A terrifying cliff edge . . . A major dilemma — should filmmakers intervene to rescue a pile of adorable baby penguins stuck at the bottom of a freezing gully on Dynasties?’

She endorsed the intervention of Sir David Attenborough’s team as ‘proof that, in divided times, there are still some difficult decisions that pretty much everyone can agree on’

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