Piers Morgan calls for Tony Blair to take over from Boris in handling Covid on Freedom Day
19th July 2021

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In Piers Morgan’s latest swipe at Prime Minister Boris Johnson, he insisted the latter hadn’t been doing the best job during the pandemic. His tweet certainly divided opinion amongst his 7.9 million followers, as he claimed Tony Blair could do better.

He wrote: “Can we put Tony Blair in charge of the Govt’s pandemic response?

“Whatever you think of him, he’s consistently had a better grasp of the issues & how best to tackle them than Boris Johnson or any of the Cabinet.”

Many of his followers flocked to his post to comment.

One user wrote: “Boris hasn’t been great but it’s always easier to look clever when you sit on the sideline.”

“I’ve said the very same thing for a long time,” a second added.

A third commented: “Why don’t we simply find people that have the capability required for their respective positions?

“Ah – there seems to be a lack of them right now!”

A fourth penned: “I actually agree. People will of course remember and mention his previous, but he does talk sense when being interviewed on the pandemic.”

Piers’ tweet comes on Freedom Day, when the last remaining lockdown restrictions are lifted.

More to follow…

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