Patrick Mahomes Pours Ketchup All Over His Macaroni And Cheese
22nd December 2018

The NFL star just signed on as Hunt’s Ketchup brand ambassador, and he also admitted to putting ketchup on everything, including his steak.

Apparently, NFL star Patrick Mahomes is a huge fan of ketchup, so much so that he just filmed a Hunt’s ketchup commercial and signed as the new brand ambassador, reports CBS Sports. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is eating macaroni and cheese in the commercial, and many viewers and fans of him and Hunt’s are now questioning the man’s taste in food, or at least in food combinations. During the commercial clip, Mahomes squirts ketchup all over his cheesy mac as an official endorsement of the popular condiment.

The advertisement gets a bit unusual, according to most who have watched it. Not only is Mahomes mixing his ketchup with macaroni and cheese, but he is also filmed working out in order to squeeze the condiment onto his food. The athlete sits, doing tricep pull-ups, with a bottle of ketchup between his inner elbow, and as he lifts his weight, he squeezes the Hunt’s ketchup bottle together to squirt out onto the plate of mac and cheese off to the side.

Apparently, reports state that condiment brand Heinz offered Mahomes a lifetime supply of their ketchup if he could manage to throw 57 touchdown passes during the current football season. However, rather than risk it, Mahomes decided to go another route and ink with Hunt’s in what some are now calling Ketchup Wars, cites CBS Sports. Mahomes seems very excited to be part of the Hunt’s team and has expressed so to reporters.

“I’ve been a fan of ketchup for as long as I can remember, and the thick, rich flavor of Hunt’s ketchup delivers every time. I’m thrilled to be joining the Hunt’s team.”

Hunt’s has garnered the chance to attach the company to a huge name in the NFL and allow Mahomes to become a full-time endorser of their product. Having one of the current most marketable young stars in the NFL on their side could greatly benefit the company. Mahomes’ own admitted love of ketchup also appears to have made this move a partnership made in heaven.

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Fox News also recently reported on the deal between Mahomes and Hunt’s ketchup. Mahomes apparently explained to ESPN that he adores ketchup so much that he even put the condiment on his steak. Some steak connoisseurs may have gasped, while some think nothing of this food combination.

Regardless of one’s personal feelings on the matter of ketchup on macaroni and cheese or steak, what is for certain and true is that as of this past Wednesday, Patrick Mahomes signed a deal with the Hunt’s Ketchup brand to become their newest brand ambassador.

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