Paola Mayfield: Pregnant ’90 Day Fiance’ Star Shares 1st Video Of Baby Kicking — Watch
3rd December 2018

Such a milestone moment! Paola and Russ Mayfield’s son is kicking like crazy in his mom’s belly. Take a look!

Paola Mayfield, 31, and Russ Mayfield, 31, are getting closer to becoming parents! The mom-to-be posted a sweet video to Instagram of her bare baby bump on Dec. 1, and her son was clearly kicking. Aw! “Oh my God baby, he’s moving a lot,” Paola called out to her husband, while stroking her budding belly. Not even her glitzy silver nails and gorgeous wedding ring could distract from her pulsing stomach. Fans may have seen the 90 Day Fiance star’s belly plenty of times since her July pregnancy announcement, but this was the first time she’d showed her baby boy moving around in there. Such an amazing moment!

But she isn’t the only reality star from the TLC show to give fans a glimpse of her little one’s kicks. Last month, Karine Staehle recorded a video of her baby bump in action. It was such a relief to see her bundle of joy kicking in her stomach considering the scare she and Paul Staehle went through just before sharing that footage. “My baby did not kick for three days,” Karine admitted in an emotional Instagram video. “I was crying, but it’s okay. He gave me many, many, many, many kicks today.” Phew! It’s nice to know that both she and Paola have healthy babies on the way — and they’ve both got a whole lot of energy!

Paola has been sharing every step of her pregnancy journey with fans, and following her progress has been such a joy. Whether she’s doing a workout, baby bump and all, or giving in to her cupcake cravings, the mom-to-be puts it all out there.

?muero de amor??? #90dayfiance

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Unfortunately, her transparency has been met with a lot of criticism. Social media haters have come after her for having a pit bull, dyeing her hair blonde — even though she was wearing a wig — and flaunting her baby belly in lingerie. But to each their own, right?

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