Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen inundated with replies after candid update on bird rescue
15th June 2021

Amanda Owen helps to rehydrate a tawny owlet

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Earlier this week, Amanda Owen faced criticism when she stepped in to help an owlet who seemingly needed intervention. The mum-of-nine was scolded when she shared a picture of the owl on Twitter in view of her 169,000 followers, despite revealing that it had been “necessary” to intervene.

The Channel 5 star returned to the micro-blogging site last night to give an update on the Tawny owlet, following the advice of her vet who was visiting their farm.

Amanda shared a video of herself and three of her youngest children re-hydrating the owlet, before returning it to the barn.

Alongside her footage, she wrote: “The tawny owlet was dehydrated in our vet’s opinion (he was here anyway blood testing cows).

“We re-hydrated with glucose solution and put back into the barn.

“A great resource found here,” she signed off, sharing a link to The Barn Owl Trust website, offering advice on short-term care for wild Barn Owls.

Many took to the comments section of her post to share their thoughts on the matter.

“Well done, you have probably saved its life. We shall await further news about it,” one social media user remarked.

“Well done Amanda and your junior team, let’s hope he or she picks up,” another added.

“That’s made me well-up,” a third emotional follower wrote.

A fourth asked for further details: “Is that because of the heat or some other cause?”

“We don’t really know, we think that it is still being cared for by parent but it seemed weak. Hard call to know what to do so took advice,” the Yorkshire Shepherdess replied.

In another update a short while later the family were seen returning the owlet to the barn.

Amanda told fans that she had taken professional advice before feeding the owl a very small amount of raw chicken and setting it free.

“After taking professional advice this is what we did. Our best,” she told her followers while sharing another video.

“Your best is all you can do! He’s a lucky owl,”one person commented.

“As a veterinarian I reckon your doing a great job,”(sic) another added.

“This is 5x more suspenseful than the silly series I’m watching on HBO Max these days. Suppose that proves how interesting nature can be,” another follower remarked.

Amanda then posted a beautiful set of black of white pictures of her daughters caring for the owlet.

She went on to reveal that owls can only see black, white and grey.

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